Uno is the perfect wearable for your connected lifestyle. Keep up with digital updates at a glance instead of having to pull out your phone for every alert. Uno allows you to seamlessly filter calendar updates, emails, SMS, incoming calls, social media alerts and more all from your wrist. Say hello to a more productive, efficient you #stayconnected


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Stay in the Game

Uno is one of the first wearables to keep you connected to your favorite online gaming networks! Receive invites and alerts from your friends on Playstation, Xbox Live and Steam.

Stay Connected

Uno uses Spritz to help you read notifications at a glance. Spritz is a revolutionary new speed reading technology that utilizes a patented language compression algorithm to train your eye to process and retain information faster than ever before. Spritz centers each word allowing you to read up to 80% faster, up to 1000 words per minute! No more tapping to unlock and launch apps on your phone, simply choose the alerts that are important to you in the Uno app and let Spritz do the rest.

Stay Active

Uno contains the most advanced 6 axis accelerometer making it easier than ever to meet your fitness goals. Uno also syncs with GoogleFit and AppleHealth to monitor and track your sleep, activity and calories burned at a glance.

Stay Focused

The average person unlocks their phone 150 times a day- often interrupting important conversations and tasks that require our full attention. Uno allows you to tailor which alerts are important to you in your Uno app. Notifications are easily read at a glance so you can focus on what you love instead of playing with your phone.

As beautiful as it is simple, Uno allows you to stay connected to your online world without pulling you away from the real world. Perfect for gaming, for work, for fitness. 
Get your messages, and get on with your life.


Support for XBOX Live, Playstation and Steam

Read notifications, game alerts and invitations from friends on Xbox, LIVE, Playstation, and Steam.

Get notifications from your favorite social media apps

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter are all supported- simply customize which alerts you receive in the Uno app.

6-axis motion tracker works with health & fitness apps

Uno contains the world's more advanced accelerometer allowing you to track steps, sleep and calories burned via Apple Health and Google Fit.

Read up to 3 times faster with Spritz technology

Spritz is a revolutionary speed reading technology that uses optimal recognition technology to center words, allowing you to read up to 1000 words per minute.

Bright, crisp OLED display for maximum readability

Alerts can easily be read at a glance with Uno's powerful OLED display, day or night.

Battery lasts several days on a single charge

Unlike a smartphone that requires daily charging, Uno's energy efficient design lets you go for days without needing to recharge.

On Sale Now For $99 $139 

Get Uno Noteband - Fitness Tracker & Speed Notifier - powered by Spritz, a new speed reading technology to read 80% faster. Pre-order Uno now for only $99!